ICOM IC-7610

 HF / 50 MHz Transceiver 3899

3.899,00 EUR

Product.Nr. IC-7610

ICOM IC-7610

HF / 50 MHz Transceiver

RF Direct Sampling Takes You to the Next Level with Advanced RMDR and True Dual Receive

Whether it is poor band conditions, or battling to pick out a call in a large pile-up, faint signals have always been a challenge for DXers and Contesters around the world. The difference between putting the QSO in the log or having to try another time is the capability of your receiver. One key factor is the RMDR capabilities, the ability to pick out a faint signal in the presence of stronger, adjacent signals. The IC-7610 introduces dual RF direct sampling receivers, achieving 110dB RMDR, rivaling that of top-of-the-line transceivers.

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