UKW Handheld- Transceiver with DSC 420

420,00 EUR

Product.Nr. IC-M93D EURO


World's Slimmest Buoyant DSC Radio


2.3” Large High Visibility LCD
2.3” large, high contrast and full dot-matrix LCD ensures good readability under direct sunlight. Large compass screens and large character size provide at-a-glance information.

            Menu screen             Pop-up window for          Navigation screen
                                                 position check

Slimmest* Buoyant DSC Radio
By adopting a flat sheet keypad, at 38.5mm the IC-M93D EURO is the slimmest buoyant DSC handheld radio in the world.
Fits comfortably in your palm for ease of use.
* As of June 2016, researched by Icom.

Intuitive User Interface
For an operator not familiar with DSC radio operation, the combination of the four directional keypad and soft keys provides straight-forward operation of all functions.

Built-in Class D DSC with a CH70 Receiver
A dedicated DSC receiver continuously monitors CH70. Distress calls can be made with the rear panel button.

Float’n Flash and MOB Auto Set Function
The IC-M93D EURO floats and flashes on the water. Pressing the distress button while Float’n Flash
is working will transmit the MOB distress signal, rather than the plain undesignated one for better
protection of sailors.

Integrated GNSS Receiver
The integrated GNSS receiver provides your location, bearing and speed with fast-setup time and
pinpoint accuracy by using information from GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS.

Active Noise Cancelling
Active Noise Cancelling digitally removes background noise from both transmit and receive audio and provides clear communication
in a noisy maritime environment.

Comes with Rapid Charger, BC-220
The supplied rapid charger, BC-220, charges the BP-285 in 2.5 hours (approximately).

Other Features
• IPX7 waterproof (1m depth of water for 30 minutes)
• Navigation function from current position to the specified waypoint
• 50 waypoint memories with alphanumeric name for navigation
• Dual/Tri-watch function for monitoring CH16 and/or call channel
• Battery indicator shows remaining battery power in four levels
• Favorite channel function for quick access to often used channels
• AquaQuake™ draining function clears water away from speaker grill
• Support new VHF marine channel plan effective from January 1st, 2017
• When the HM-165 is connected to the IC-M93D EURO, the HM-165 and the radio floats on the water